Saint Ignace, Michigan

We did all these liners, short announcements saying the stations call letters and other things including the city for the station we were taking over. The station that was wasn’t making any money and we had some plans, so we had a couple of guys from the Erie radio station recorded voiceovers for us. “you’re listening to w-i-d-g, Saint Ig-NACE.” Don Angelo goes up there and he gets himself settles a few weeks before I would move there. He would be the general manager station manager. He calls me he says you got to go back into the studio get all the guys to change it it’s not Saint Ig-NACE it’s Saint Ignas.

I was the morning man and the same thing happened that happened in Alaska, we got to help people, the hospital   up there was 10 beds maybe and it wasn’t it wasn’t a very big. Population it was maybe 5 000 people in the wintertime when everything shut down. The A&P was only open three days a week, all the restaurants except for the truck stop closed down for the winter.

We had studios on main street massive windows so people could see me . We had an engineer who I think spent a little bit too much time in the bar. There were times I couldn’t get the transmitter on from the studio so I would have to drive out to the transmitter site, try to coax the transmitter back on , drive back to the studio and then play the first record.  So there were a couple mornings where we got on a little bit late.

Saint Ignace was basically his tourist area; Mackinac Island is one of the big tourist places that you could go from Saint Ignace by ferry. 


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