Laying low

I have been in the “let the mind rest” mode for the past week. Well actually the mind has ben occupied with a long forgotten routine, taking care of a baby. For the past week I have been DziaDzia (Grandpa) for my middle child’s first baby, Jacob.

This child is a happy baby

This 3 month old really keeps you busy. Bottle, diaper, poopy diaper, cuddling, playing, exercising, going for walks, and listening to the hits of the 60s on DziaDzia’s IPad. The schedule is simple, wake up at 6, change the diaper, hoping to not have a major clean-up, then a nice warm bottle. I few burps, he does not like that, then playtime.

I can say this week has let my mind be occupied with something I did a few years back, raising the kids with my wife in Cooperstown, PA. Though she did most of the work, I had lots of time to be with the kids. I don’t know why my daughter thought I would be able to handle Jacob, I have to admit the first day was a little shaky. But we adapted, accepted and bonded. He probably won’t remember this week, but I will. I gave my mind a rest and let me prepare for the summer of travel and documentary filming. Time to go for a walk in the park, with the IPad playing the soundtrack of the 60s at a low volume.

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